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Columbia's Greenview Park Teams Shine

July 23, 2008 01:40 PM

Greenview Park, located off Farrow Road in the city of Columbia is known to be a tennis haven for many African Americans. Tennis and African Americans are not two words that are routinely associated. At Greenview, numerous local professionals, skilled workers and youth meet as equals on the tennis courts and build relationships that transcend the tennis courts. The display of tennis trophies and plaques in the Greenview Center and banners hung at the tennis courts reflect the success of several teams that have played competitively and won city, state and sectional championships.
Recently, three of Greenview Park’s teams capped off perfect seasons and went on to win the City Championship titles in their divisions. The 3.0 Lady Nets Tennis Team, led by Captains Gwendolyn Bynoe and Pat Butler, consists of 13 professional women. The Lady Nets enjoyed an undefeated season and won the city championship with an 11-0 record. Their success earned them an opportunity to compete for the city of Columbia in the State Championship in Greenville.
The newest women’s team to form at Greenview Park, Diamonds-N-the-Rough- 2.5 Team, also capped off a perfect season with a City Championship at the 2.5 level. Captain Peggy Dingle led the team to their undefeated season. With less than a year’s experience playing competitive tennis, this team of seven professional women went on to represent the city of Columbia at the State Championship in Charleston.
Both teams have received tennis instructions from Greenview’s Tennis Pro and guru, Domino Boulware who provides guidance in tennis fundamentals, techniques and strategies; discipline; court etiquette; and motivation. Both teams are role models for those who seek to balance their careers with a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise through a competitive source. They attribute their success to Mr. Boulware’s expertise, their love for the game and their desire to reach their fullest potential both on and off the court.
In addition, over the summer the Greenview 7.0 mixed doubles team Nit2Winit enjoyed a perfect season with none of their players losing a match. The team was also undefeated in the Columbia City Championships and will be heading to Charleston for the USTA South Carolina Mixed Doubles State Championship September 13-15, 2008.

greenview ladynets

The Lady Nets Team: (Left to right)
Jackie Flemons, Robertha Dorsey, Mechelle Robertson, Carolyn McAllister, Chetna Dixon, Barbara Bowens, Pat Butler, Alice Matthews, Huriya Johnson, Nicolette Siddon, Connie Thompson, Jeannie Jackson and Tracee Crocker.

greenview diamonds

Diamonds-N-the-Rough Team
(Left to right)
Paulette Edwards, Leslie M. Phelps, Yvonne Williams, Valerie Rankin, Peggy Dingle, Tara McGregor and Yvonne Holan.