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Combo Doubles State Champions

October 29, 2008 06:40 PM

Sometimes you have sprinkles, somtimes it rains cats and dogs and then you have days when you start looking for Noah.  The USTA South Carolina Combo Doubles State League Championship was held October 24-27 at sites on and around Daniel Island.  Play started early Friday morning but was soon interrupted by a storm system that dumped nearly nine inches of rain on the island.  Play was suspended until Saturday morning as players (and especially the tournament volunteers) anxiously watched the skies.  Fortunately Saturday didn't bring any additional rain and play resumed.  The first rounds of play were shortened into pro-sets, and by Sunday the schedule was back on track.  There were many close matches, and it seemed nearly all of them came down to tiebreakers for the third set.  Columbia  and Lexington teams vied for the most championships with both CTA's teams bringing home seven championships.  Despite the rain the championships concluded on two beautiful days, perfect for tennis.  Champions went home excited and the runners up went home vowing to take the crown next year.

Adult Men 5.0 Champions: CTL, Capt. Martin Harbkersman
Adult Women 5.0 Champions: CTL I, Capt. Peggy Dingle
Adult Men 5.5 Champions: CTL II, Capt. Bob Masella
Adult Women 5.5 Champions: LATA, Capt. Susan Crane
Adult Men 6.5 Champions: LATA, Capt. Lucas Berresford
Adult Women 6.5 Champions: CTL II, Capt. Robin Simpson
Adult Men 7.5 Champions: GATA, Capt. Guy Harrison
Adult Women 7.5 Champions: MCTL, Capt. Shannon Pope
Adult Men 8.5 Champions: LCTA, Capt.  Chuck Delorme
Adult Women 8.5 Champions: LATA, Capt. Tonya MacAulay
Adult Men 9.5 Champions: CTL, Capt. Kent Whitener
Adult Women 9.5 Champions: LATA, Capt. Kerri Metts
Senior Men 6.5 Champions: LATA, Capt. David Hipp
Senior Women 6.5 Champions: HH, Capt. Patty Diggs
Senior Men 7.5 Champions: GATA, Capt. Donald Grigsby
Senior Women 7.5 Champions: LATA I, Capt. Galen Johnston
Senior Men 8.5 Champions: GSTL, Capt. John Mack
Senior Women 8.5 Champions: LATA I, Capt. Debbie Gee
Super Senior Men 6.5 Champions: CTL, Capt. Randy Watts
Super Senior Women 6.5 Champions: CTL, Capt. Anna Griswold
Super Senior Men 7.5 Champions: HH, Capt. David Partington
Super Senior Women 7.5 Champions: HH, Capt. Jean Freeman