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Federer To Retire To Greenville

April 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Citing the impending birth of his child, world #2 tennis player Roger Federer announced he will be retiring to Greenville, South Carolina.  The news came as a shock to the tennis world and left many, including Rafael Nadal puzzled.  Said Nadal, "I'm shocked.  I was looking forward to many years of competition between me and Roger and now that's gone." 

Federer's actions provoked a flurry of questions, to which few answers were forthcoming  He issued a simple statement saying that after seeing the first ultrasound of his child, his "competitive fire" had extinguished now that he sees "there is more to the world than tennis."  His statement said that he planned to move to Greenville, SC as the mountains reminded him of his native Swiss Alps.  Federer did state his plans to stay involved in tennis on a local level saying, "I hear that the local CTA, the Upper Piedmont Tennis Association, is a great organization and I hope that my abilities may be of some value to them."