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Rising Stars Tournaments Light Up Beginner Tennis Scene

May 8, 2009 02:01 AM
Rising Stars tournaments are a great way to introduce your child to tournament play.  These one day events are designed for players just starting off their tennis careers.  Any child, up to age 18, can participate as long as they can keep score.  The events are designed for beginners only, so the competition is more fair.  For the 8-and-under players the QuickStart format will be used, allowing them to use equipment and courts sized for their developing skills.  There are tournaments across the state, and we’re adding more every week.  If you would like to add a Rising Stars event at your facility contact Scottie Rabb at or Jessica Amick at

May 23, 2009
Rising Stars at Lexington County Tennis Complex - SC L 5 - 704122209
Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission
Novice: BG(18-10)s,RR; E(8)s,RR
Surface Type: Hard

May 30, 2009
Risings Stars at North Myrtle Beach - SC L 5 - 704127609
City of North Myrtle Beach Parks & Recreation
Novice: BG(18-8)sd,RR
Surface Type: Hard