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Teachers Try Tennis At Superintendent’s Cup

May 5, 2009 02:02 PM

Hundreds of Charleston County school teachers participated in the first annual Superintendent’s Cup, held at Charleston Tennis Center and St. Andrews Parks and Playground on May 2nd. The event was a part of Teacher Appreciation Week, and the district hopes to build on the excitement of the event to hold future tennis related initiatives.

The event kicked off at Charleston Tennis Center. Teachers warmed up and were treated to a QuickStart Tennis exhibition with Graham Cox, USTA SC Community Development Director, showing some great drills to help young children learn the basic motor skills needed for tennis. After a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, sung by a trio of students, Superintendent Nancy McGinley opened the event with a powerful serve.

Superintendent's Cup

Teachers competed throughout the day on the court, but the winner wasn’t determined solely by sets won. The schools also earned points through participation. Students and teachers who weren’t playing were invited to attend the event and sign in for their school. The school with the highest percentage of their population signed in received bonus points. Throughout the day individuals rotated through the sites, enjoying camaraderie and tennis.

After lunch there were several exhibitions for those in attendance. Wheelchair player Alessandro Cianfoni took the court against local pro Philip Burke, for a great match. Alessandro wowed the crowd with his rapid acceleration and hairpin turns. Once the exhibition concluded, the teachers were invited to take the court in sports chairs provided by USTA South Carolina. Joined by Hayden Brinker, a wheelchair tennis student of Philip Burke, participants attempted to maneuver and hit balls. The teachers were not quite US Open caliber, and many said that they were even more impressed with Alessandro’s and Hayden’s mobility after their own attempts. Once the wheelchair trials wrapped up, some Special Olympics athletes took to the courts showing off drills to enhance hand-eye coordination and footwork.

Then it was back to the courts where the final four teams (as determined by both tennis matches and overall participation) of Haut Gap, Memminger, Stono Park and Jennie Moore went at it on the court. Haut Gap ended up triumphing, winning a fantastic prize package for their school. The event drew many local celebrities including: Dr. Nancy McGinley, Charleston County School District Superintendent; Ron Charron, USTA SC President; Bob Peiffer, LCTA President; Lee Brockman, LJTA President; Peggy Bohne, City of Charleston Director of Tennis; Brian Burke & Philip Burke, St. Andrews Park & Playground; Katherine Lewis, Charleston School District. The Superintendent’s Cup was a great start to Teacher Appreciation week, and beyond this event, the district is working with the USTA to have QuickStart lines installed at schools to support future events.