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Wachovia Palmetto Championships Conclude

June 19, 2009 02:02 PM

The Wachovia Palmetto Championships wrapped up in Belton on June 12.  The event is the largest junior tournament in the state and is the only way for juniors to qualify to Southern Closed Championships, which are held June 20-23 at sites across the Southeast, including the Southern Closed 10’s Championship which is held at Lexington Tennis Center. 

The Wachovia Championships are held at sites across the Belton metropolitan area, with the Belton Tennis Center serving as the main site.  In addition to the championships, three sportsmanship awards and a scholarship are awarded during the week’s festivities. 

Stephanie Cox of Myrtle Beach was named the 2009 Dunlop scholarship recipient during the 18's party held on June 8 during the Palmetto Championships.  Cox is a graduate of Myrtle Beach High School where she was an outstanding student, graduating second in her class at the age of 16.  Stephanie has been a highly rated state player the past six years.  The scholarship was presented by Dunlop Eastern Director of Sales Hunter Hines.  The three sportsmanship awards were presented during the awards ceremony at the Palmetto Championships on June 12.  Milanie Allen of Mt. Pleasant received the Kimberly Hampton Memorial Sportsmanship Award for the Girls' 12's.  Hampton Drake of Columbia received the Matthew Strange Memorial Sportsmanship Award for the Boys' 12's.  Stephanie Cox of Myrtle Beach, who earlier was named the recipient of the Dunlop Scholarship, received the tournament's overall award, the Malloy Evans Memorial Sportsmanship Award.


Boys' 18 Singles

Christopher Cox (3) Myrtle Beach,   def.  Joel Cook Easley,   7-6(4); 6-4

Boys' 16 Singles

Benjamin Barnette (3) Spartanburg,   def.  Kyle Koch (2) Irmo,   6-4; 6-2

Boys' 14 Singles

Jared Woodson (2) Hilton Head Island,   def.  Brent Lett (4) Elgin,   6-3; 6-2

Boys' 12 Singles

Adam Elliget (1) Summerville,   def.  Hampton Drake (2) Columbia,   6-2; 6-1

Girls' 18 Singles

Molly O'Koniewski (2) Hilton Head Island  def.  Alex Martin (1) Mount Pleasant,   6-3; 6-0

Girls' 16 Singles

Leyla Erkan (1) Hilton Head Island,  def.  Meghan Blevins (2) N Charleston,   7-5; 6-1

Girls' 14 Singles

Ansley Speaks (1) Simpsonville,   def.  Ivey Welborn (2) Anderson,   6-1; 6-4

Girls' 12 Singles

Katie Williams (1) Columbia,   def.  Ellie Halbauer (2) Daniel Island,   6-3; 6-1

Boys' 10 Singles

Spencer Brown (1) Spartanburg def. William Brown (4) Sumter 6-0; 6-1

Girls' 10 Singles

Andie Carver (1) Elgin def. Ali Despain (2) Georgetown 6-1; 6-2

Boys' 18 Doubles

Joel Cook/Kyle Koch def.  Benjamin Barnette/Connor Evins (3)  6-4; 4-6; 6-0

Boys' 16 Doubles

Connor Clements/Thomas Johnson (2) def. Christopher Lawdahl/Peter Pritchard (4)  6-4; 6-0

Boys' 14 Doubles

Joel Roberts/Woodson Jared (3) def. Bailey Kirkland/Thomas Spratt (4)  6-3; 6-3

Boys' 12 Doubles

Hampton Drake/Elliget Adam (1) def. Kyle Barr/Amit Kohli (2)  6-0; 6-0

Girls' 18 Doubles

Maria Hesketh/Martin Alex (1) def. Meghan Blevins/Kendal Drake  3-6; 6-4; 6-3

Girls' 16 Doubles

Morgan Chumney/Fosnacht Katie (1) def. Chandler Consonery/Haley Elliott (4)  6-0; 7-5

Girls' 14 Doubles

Emily Erickson/Welborn Ivey (4) def. Laura Dean/Meagan Evans (2)  6-1; 6-3

Girls' 12 Doubles

Kayla Calvert/Curran Carver (2) def. Natalie Kitchen/Katie Williams (1)  4-6; 7-5; 6-1

Boys' 10 Doubles

Spencer Brown/Easterling Chambers (1) def. Brant Fenno/Wesley Quattlebaum (2)  8-3

Girls' 10 Doubles

Hannah Alexander/Carver Andie (1) def. Ali Despain/Cameron Kriscunas (2)  8-5


Photos Courtesy of Terry Thompson