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Spend $1 get $3 Free When You Add QuickStart Lines

August 10, 2009 03:42 PM

It has not taken long for QuickStart tennis lines to make an appearance on tennis courts, and the USTA is offering a great grant to help make sure that your facility is not at a disadvantage when it comes to offering the best courts available.  The USTA Public Facility Funding offers a 50% matching grant for facilities painting permanent QuickStart lines to their courts and the Southern Tennis Patrons Foundation and USTA Southern is topping that off with an additional 25% matching grant.  This means that for every dollar your facility spends on adding QuickStart lines the USTA will match it with three!

This offer is for a very limited time and many facilities are already in the process of submitting applications.  Make sure to get your grant request in as soon as possible so that your facility won't be at a disadvantage in coming years.  USTA South Carolina can provide help with grant applications.  If you need assistance contact Graham Cox at or call the office at 800-644-7282.

Click here for your USTA QuickStart Line Grant Application.