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Wheelchair Instruction Certification Workshop a Great Success

February 2, 2010 05:03 PM

The Southern Wheelchair Tennis Committee was pleased to offer a Wheelchair Instruction Certification Workshop in conjunction with the STA Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

The workshop, hosted at one of the state’s top facilities, the Midtown Athletic Club at Windy Hill, was conducted by PTR Clinician, Harlon Matthews.

STA Wheelchair Workshop

The attendees were in for a real surprise when Harlon brought 6 sport chairs for some real “hands on” experience for the coaches. TSR’s (Tennis Service Reps) from 4 states participated in the workshop as well as pros from around the state. Even Randy Stephens, Chairman of the National Wheelchair Committee stopped by to meet the attendees and attend the workshop!

Among the excellent course materials given to the attendees, was the USTA Wheelchair Tennis Manual and Drills DVD.

Participants left the workshop with some excellent resources and experience in order to effectively work with wheelchair athletes.

The next Wheelchair Instruction Workshop will be held on Feb. 15th during the International Tennis Symposium on Hilton Head Island, SC and will be conducted by USTA National Coach, Dan James.

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