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USTA SC Teams Claim Crowns at Combo Sectional Championships

February 5, 2010 03:39 PM

Teams from all across the Southern Sectioned gathered in Mobile AL to try and claim the USTA Southern Section Combo Doubles titles. Over two dozen SC teams made the trip and they made a great showing. Four teams claimed championships in their divisions: CTL 6.5 Adult Men, CTL 6.5 Adult Women, CLT 9.5 Adult Women, and UPTA 5.5 Adult Men. Finalists from South Carolina were: CTL 6.5 Super Senior Men, GATA 7.5 Super Senior Men, LCTA 8.5 Adult Women, SATL 6.5 Senior Women, and UPTA 8.5 Senior Men. Congratulations to all of these teams!

CTL 6.5 Men Combo Sectional Champs

CTL 6.5 Women Combo Sectional Champs