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Officials News

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest officials news?  Click the links below to view past issues of USTA South Carolina’s Officials Newsletter. To be added to the email list to receive this e-newsletter, please contact Alexandria Howard at howard@sctennis.com.

Issue 1 | Issue 2 | Issue 3 | Issue 4

List of Certified Officials:

Umpires and Referees (Effective 6/26/15)

*Any list of more than two months old should not be used. 

2015 Officiating Tests

The USTA, ITA, and Referee Tests are now available to take on-line. These tests need to be completed and passed before attending the officiating schools.  The certificate of completion for the tests should be brought to class.  The tests have been written to Rules, Regulations, and Tournament Procedures printed in the 2015 Friend at Court.  In addition to the Referee Test, those attending Referee Class are required to complete the TDM quiz which tests basic knowledge of the TDM system. All officials will have 2 chances to pass the test and must get over 90% of the questions correct in order to receive the certificate of completion. Please be aware that the test questions will appear in different order that the pdf versions of the exams.

Officials who have questions/comments regarding the tests or have failed to pass twice can contact us at officiating@usta.com2015 Tests (PDF)