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Want to become an official? 

Here is how to get started!

  1. Register an account on Officials First.

  2. Successfully complete the Safe Play course online

  3. Apply for a background check through the USTA

  4. Complete the Five (5) online training modules to learn the rules and procedures (Intro to Officiating, Rules/Regs 1,2,3 and Roving 1.)

  5. Complete and submit a Vision Form after receiving an eye exam.

  6. Contact your State Chair, Al Marshall ( or USTA staff contact, James Tart ( to complete your certification and gain access to our officiating database. 

  7. Build your knowledge! As an official, you never stop learning. Read the Friend at Court. Continue to work events and gain experience.

Helpful Links

USTA Officiating Page

Friend at Court: Handbook of Tennis Rules and Regulations

USTA Officiating: Policies and Notices