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Tournament Sanctioning

USTA South Carolina runs two sanction periods: the regular sanction period, typically late summer for the following years’ tournaments and the late sanction period, which occurs each February for tournaments July 1-December 31 of that year.  Level 5 one-day tournaments for both juniors and adults can be applied for at any time throughout the year.

Benefits of USTA SC Sanctioning

Ease of registration for players
Player attraction—tournament posted on USTA SC website & Tennislink
Use of online Tournament Data Manager (TDM) program, which processes entries and gives real-time web updates of draws & scores for participants
Players earn USTA SC Ranking Points
Online registration makes it easy for TD’s to handle the entry fees—direct deposit or check cut for one lump sum

Sanctioned USTA SC Tournaments will abide by the Junior or Adult Regulations, which can be found below.  The USTA Organization Membership for the hosting Member Organization has to be current through the dates of the tournament. 

Tournament Sanctioning Resources
2015 Sanction Packet
Adult Tournament Sanction & Schedule Policy
Junior Tournament Sanction & Schedule Policy
Tournament Committee Timeline
Divisions Not Sanctioned
Head Tax Policy
USTA SC Tournament Medical Release Form
Inclement Weather Guidelines
Rising Stars Eligibility Information

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TDM On the Web Resources

USTA has created a resource page for information on the 2014 rollout of TDM on the Web.  You can click here to visit that page, and you can see the new features of TDM on the Web below.

You can also click here for a step-by-step guide on how to work with the new system. tdm


Recovery Rule
The below Recovery Rule goes into effect IMMEDIATELY for tournaments that use the two out of three standard tiebreak sets.  If you have any questions, please contact Alexandria Howard

Recovery Rule: In all singles matches in Junior, Adult, Senior, NTRP, and Wheelchair Divisions in which the match format is two out of three standard tiebreak sets or more, a rest period of two hours shall be offered by the Referee before the player's next singles match. This Rule does not apply to short set matches and matches that play a tiebreak in lieu of a final third set, nor to any match played indoors where the duration of the match is less than 120 minutes. 

Adult 1-Day Tournaments Now Sanctioned
Are your club members "too busy" to play tournaments? Are you looking for a warm-up for Mixed or Combo League Seasons?  USTA SC is now sanctioning 1-day tournaments for Adults, including for the 2012 tournament calendar. Please click here to find out more information on this great new tournament format.   

Tournament Promotions
USTA SC staff is available to assist you with the promotion of your tournament.  We can create customized posters, flyer, or advertisements for you. We can also provide some best practices on promoting your tournament via the web, social media, or print.  Contact Daniel Stetson at stetson@sctennis.com for more information. 

NEW: Email results of your tournament to local media to reach more parents and players and generate more publicity for your tournament. Click here to go through a quick, step-by-step tutorial on how to send the automatically-generated media report to local journalists. It’s easy, and it’s free.

USTA Member Mailing Address Form 
If you are a USTA certified tournament director who wishes to promote a sanctioned tournament, you can use this form to request a list of USTA members mailing addresses. Please remember that this form must be filled out and submitted at least six weeks before you need to receive the list.  In addition you must submit a  sample of your mailing for each list request you make. Access the mailing address request form by clicking here.   

USTA Member Data Usage Policy


Tournament Execution

The resources on this page are for all SC Tournament Directors after they have been granted a sanction from USTA SC.  Info on Use of Officials, seeding, Officials Compensation, and TDM are all available below.

From the USTA SC Tournament Committee Timeline, here are some of the items you should be tackling.  Check out the link above for a comprehensive list of to-do’s for your tournament.

Tasks Prior to Entries Opening

  • Inventory of primary & satellite sites to ensure everything is in proper working condition—from bathrooms to singles sticks.
  • Determine if Referee or Tournament Director will be the primary contact with tournament questions and withdrawals.
  • Determine if late entries will be accepted or not and post this information on the tournament website.
  • Determine the role the tournament will play in promoting doubles and who (TD or Referee) will be tasked with this responsibility.  A tournament charging a flat fee should make its best effort to facilitate doubles.  Will you take late doubles entries? Will you allow players to register without a partner? Will you pair un-partnered players together?
  • Post all required information to the Tennislink Tournament Homepage required in Friend at Court (p. 67, Reg. I.H.2), as well as any tournament specific information (ie: doubles, satellite sites used, directions, sponsors, etc.).

2-3 Months Before Start of the Tournament

  • Prepare Tournament Budget: include all anticipated income/expenses/bartering. 
  • Tournament Desk Plan: Determine what individuals will be running the tournament
  • Hospitality/Amenities Plan: Be sure to post this on website so players know what you offer
  • Emergency & Weather Plans: Review USTA Emergency Care Guidelines in Friend at Court

When Entries Open

  • Contact USTA SC Office for marketing assistance, including flyers and member mailing lists.
  • Update tournament Website & ensure all contact information is correct

After Entries Close

  • Calculate seeds and post to tournament website at least 24 hours PRIOR TO POSTING THE DRAWS.
  • After seeds are posted, the tournament may do the draws (keep hidden) and scheduling, posting the first match time 36 hours prior to the first matches played. 
  • Draws should be posted at least 24 hours prior to the first match times