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$$$$$ College tuitions are skyrocketing.
Check out the tuitions of the country's 10 most expensive colleges by clicking here.

Attention College Coaches
Please send any info concerning openings on your team, scholarship opportunities, etc. to USTA/South Carolina Webmaster Nick Lawrence.

Attention High School Coaches

Brian Cleary writes in the July/August 2003 issue of USTA magazine, Many of the 19,000 high school coaches in the U.S. are fairly new to coaching the game. To help them out, the USTA has launched a new website,, aimed at giving high school coaches the tools they need to succeed. One of the highlights of the site is "Coaches Mailbag," where coaches can write in and get answers to questions unique to coaching high school tennis. Recent questions have addressed what to do when challenging matches begin to erode team unity and how to cope when your two best players refuse to practice with the rest of the team.

The interactive part of the USTA's High School Coaches website is the Coaches Mailbag! We hope you'll send your questions and quandries to the mailbag, and we'll get the experts to give their best advice back on the website.

If you're hoping to build a tennis dynasty in your town, or even just a darn good team...we've got the answer. Check out the description of USA School Tennis and USA Team Tennis. Get kids in your community introduced to tennis in school and playing team tennis afterschool. By the time they're set for high school, you'll have enough savvy players to field multiple teams!

Attention High School Players

High School Tennis Players Who Are Hoping to Play College Tennis:
Keep checking the website for notices from college coaches about openings on their varsity teams, or about scholarships that they have to offer you. Check out the College Comparison Chart, which presents a side-by-side comparison of important importation about every college/university in South Carolina. Compare enrollment, tuition, room & board, total cost, and other academic information such as average SAT, average high school GPA.

Want a side-by-side comparison of ANY 3 colleges in the United States?
For a sample comparison of Duke, Princeton, and Stanford,
Click here: - College Search

Want to play collegiate tennis but you don't have a national ranking? Did you know that over 100 former South Carolina junior tennis are now playing collegiate tennis? Check out the college tennis teams in South Carolina to see which teams have the most South Carolina players.

Want to get in touch with Any College Tennis Coach in South Carolina? Click on SC College Coaches' Email Addresses. Each tennis coach is listed, along with the coach's e-mail address.

Where are our state's former junior tennis players playing collegiate tennis in South Carolina? Click on Alphabetical Listing of Former South Carolina Juniors Currently Playing In-State Collegiate Tennis.

Where are our state's former junior tennis players playing out-of-state collegiate tennis? Click on Alphabetical Listing of Former South Carolina Juniors Currently Playing Out-Of State Collegiate Tennis.

Where are our state's most recent high school graduates playing collegiate tennis? Click on Alphabetical listing of 2002 graduates who are currently playing collegiate tennis.

Having trouble deciding where to go to college?
Check out the following websites for all sorts of information related to

Attention College Students

College Students: If you're interested in playing tennis, but not at the level of a varsity college team, find out about playing USA TEAM TENNIS right on your own campus. Contact USTA/South Carolina office at: 1-800-644-SCTA (7282)