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USA Team Tennis (Adult) should be scheduled over a period of four to six weeks, depending on the local situation.

To start, teams should be set up to both practice and play at your facility. Eventually, players may want to test their skills and meet new people by playing teams from nearby facilities.

To maximize court use and promote social interaction, the emphasis should be on doubles play. Mixed gender teams are also encouraged.

Use one of the match play formats, listed below. Each format has proven successful and offers flexibility and variety. You may adjust any format to fit your situation or use one of your own.

During practice sessions, offer drills and tips that help players improve their skills. Understanding how to control the height, direction, spin, and speed of the ball translates into success during play. Help players learn positioning on the court. Provide drills on basic strategic concepts, such as how to play the middle in doubles, how to angle the ball to finish the point, how to adjust shots when out of position, and how to capitalize on personal strengths while exploiting an opponent’s weakness.

Expose players at least once to the DuPont WORLD TEAMTENNIS format described below. Players of all skill levels, from professionals to beginners, have tested this format. The variety of singles, doubles, and mixed doubles with cumulative scoring offers excitement and fun for all.

Other Recommendations

Match play and practices should be scheduled in advance to accommodate the majority of participants. Normally, the program is best offered during evening hours and on weekends when adults are more likely available.

Alternative scoring methods are encouraged-such as No-Ad, timed matches, or shorten3d sets-to facilitate player interaction and fit within prescribed time limits.

Player standings or rankings based on competitive results are less important than rewarding players for achieving personal goals. Players respond best to rewards for perfect attendance or practicing on their own time. Personal goals, such as improving specific tennis skills or personal fitness, should also be recognized.