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Help Grow the Game

USA Tennis NJTL pays a major role in promoting the growth of tennis in the United States by serving as a delivery system for USA Tennis programs. USA Tennis NJTL makes use of an easy-to-follow pathway of linked tennis programs that offer introductory activities, instruction, and social and competitive play. The USA Tennis program pathway encourages players to TRY, LEARN, PLAY, and COMPETE in a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Try and learn basic skills in a group environment. The program offers the opportunity to play on teams in leagues that emphasize fun, fitness and friends. Teams are organized to match players of similar age and ability. Contact Alicia at the SCTA office for more information.

"Compete" - USA Tournament Tennis/Scholastic Tennis

Offers competitive match play at local, sectional, regional and national tournaments for all ages and skill levels.

Key Program Objectives

In offering a USA Tennis NJTL program, you should:

1) Be devoted to the USA Tennis NJTL mission.

2) Provide a quality spring, summer, fall, or year-round tennis program in your community for boys and girls ages 6 to 18 so they can learn, practice and play team tennis

  • Find low-cost courts
  • Find a pro or develop instructional skills to run the program properly in the USA Tennis Pathway
  • Promote the schedule in advance to nearby youth via their school, park, church, etc. Contact a nearby USA Tennis NJTL chapter or program or the nearest USTA office for advice, free materials, coaches training schedules, etc.
  • Offer it for free or at a nominal price, and make it easily accessible to low-income youths.

Key Organizational Development Concepts

There are two phases of USA Tennis NJTL status. Generally, the first phase is to apply for and be designated as a USA Tennis NJTL Program. The second phase is to become an USA Tennis NJTL Chapter. There are currently more than 600 USA Tennis NJTL programs and chapters in the United States; the majority are USA Tennis NJTL programs.

A USA Tennis NJTL program is a status achieved by meeting the basic on-court standards that are necessary to be allowed to use the USA Tennis NJTL name. Because the fees ordinarily collected will not support the cost of the program, the organizer will need to subsidize the program either personally or through the entity with which it is affiliated (e.g., a parks and recreation department, a tennis club, a community tennis association, a college or university, a local business). Programs may charge nominal fees, but otherwise are not authorized to solicit funds.

A USA Tennis NJTL chapter is a status achieved by developing your own 501(c)3 public charity (Nomi Cosby), at the Southern Section, can help supply you with a list of law firms willing to do such work pro bono) or associating with an existing organization that is a public charity and therefore qualified to solicit tax-exempt contributions.. Because fundraising involves a major leadership commitment, chapters may be granted exclusive territories to encourage their commitment and avoid confusion among local donors. This exclusivity is subject to demonstrated ability to serve the territory and is reviewed by USA Tennis NJTL periodically.

Within the USA Tennis NJTL family, sheer program size is not important. What is very important is the quality of positive influence the program has on its participants and its long-term commitment. Current USA Tennis NJTL programs and chapters vary greatly in size and scope of activities. The determining factors are their leadership and the needs of their community. Here is the statistical data range within programs:

  • Participants: Under 100 to more than 30,000
  • Programming level: Novice and upward
  • Number of sites: 1 to 125
  • Number of courts: 2 to 400
  • Budgets: $300 to more than $1 million
  • Cost per player: $10 to $40 (average: 7 weeks)
  • Method of funding: volunteer time to large public and private grants

USA Tennis NJTL (National Junior Tennis League) is a network of community-driven organizations dedicated to introducing as many youngsters as possible to the lifetime sport of tennis. It also provides them with a safe haven, adult role models, and opportunities to develop positive social and leadership skills and to enhance their academic discipline.

Founded by Arthur Ashe, Charlie Pasarell and Sheridan Snyder in 1969, USA Tennis NJTL seeks to develop the character of young people through tennis and to emphasize the ideals and life of Arthur Ashe by:

  1. Reaching out to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn and play tennis.
  2. Instilling in them the values of humanitarianism, leadership, and academic excellence.
  3. Giving them the opportunity to fully develop their tennis skills so they can derive a lifetime of enjoyment from the sport.

USA Tennis NJTL encourages the private sector (i.e. community leaders and business people) and the public sector (i.e. youth recreation, schools, and government agencies) to work together for the benefit of the kids in the community. It is an approach that has worked in over 600 communities nationwide, showing steady growth over three decades.