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As you have probably noticed, our web site looks a little different. We're in the process of totally revamping the web site. The new navigation is just the start of making our site more modern, visually appealing, and most importantly user friendly. We have not deleted any content. We have, however, done some fairly significant re-arrangement.

Most material is now divided by age of user who will be accessing content. For example; our old grants page had both facility grants and scholarships. That information is now divided between the 'Grants' page under Community Tennis, and the 'Scholarship' page under Juniors and High School/College. Below is a site map that has all of our new pages divided up, and if you click on the link it will take you directly to that page. Tennis Link is now under the 'Links' tab. It is the first link under the 'General Links' section.

Unfortunately, we are having issues with the tabs for Adult Rankings, Jr. Tournaments, Jr. Schedule, and Jr. Current Standings, you can click on the links below to go to the correct pages.

If you notice any broken links, or can't find content, please contact James Peebles and he'll work to get things straightened out as soon as possible. Enjoy the new site and look for more changes in the coming months.

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