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In USA Team Tennis, the team concept emphasizes fun, fitness, and friends. The focus in this kind of play is on enjoying the exhilaration of exercise and refining the skills that make tennis fun for players at all ages and levels of competition.

The following are guidelines to help coaches and administrators achieve the goals of USA Team Tennis.  They must be followed in order to receive USA Team Tennis benefits:

  • Leagues must be called USA Team Tennis.
  • Leagues must have a minimum of four teams, and each team must consist of a minimum of six players.
  • Leagues must have a minimum of a six-week season, with 45-90 minutes of practice focusing on skill development and one match play per week.
  • Leagues will establish and enforce no-cut policies, thereby providing opportunities for meaningful play for all youngsters.
  • Leagues should use the Junior National Tennis Rating Program (JNTRP) to place youngsters in appropriate divisions.
  • Leagues will allow post-season play only for regular season teams and will not engage in choosing all-star teams.
  • When presenting awards, leagues will recognize participation, sportsmanship, and competitiveness.
  • Leagues will require coaches to be trained in the areas of sportsmanship, safety, roles, tennis technique, and strategy.
  • Leagues will develop guidelines for both players and spectators regarding conduct and sportsmanship.
  • Leagues will adopt a non-discrimination policy that ensures participation for all youngsters, regardless of race, creed, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, or physical ability.
  • Leagues will make scholarship provisions so that youngsters are able to participate, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Leagues are encouraged to have teams of both boys and girls.