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Following are some recommended formats for leagues in each division of USA Team Tennis. They are the outgrowth of the experiences of many individuals in organizing and conducting junior leagues. These formats are flexible enough to accommodate any type of league; however, they are not the only ones that will lead to a successful league. Other formats, which might better suit your own situation, can be developed.

USA Team Tennis realizes that every town and community has different needs. Some towns will have no problem finding players or tennis courts to play on, while others will have difficulty finding just a few players. If the recommended formats do not fit your situation, perhaps a variation will. Your USTA section can assist you in determining what will work best for your league. Whatever you decide, the most important considerations in selecting formats are that they provide enjoyable and rewarding activities for youngsters and are easy for the league coordinator, team coach, and team manager to implement.

Length of the Season
Although USA Team Tennis can be played year-round, most leagues are conducted during the summer months. Therefore, the formats recommended here are based on a minimum of a six-week season, with at least one team match per week. Another alternative might be to play two matches per week during the standard six-week season. You are the best judge of how to schedule match play based on the length of your season.

Any boy or girl between the ages of 6 and 18 who has an interest in playing tennis as part of a team is eligible to play.

League Composition
Each USA Team Tennis league should have a minimum of four teams. There is no maximum number of teams for a league. However, if a league has more than eight teams, another division, with optional season-ending playoffs, should be considered.

Team Composition
Each team should have a minimum of six players. A player may play on only one team and in only one league at a time. Each team should have a team coach and manager who must be present at each match. The team player/coach/manager must register for a league program with the league coordinator before the start of the league season on TennisLink USA Team Tennis.