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Several South Carolina juniors were recently invited to attend USTA Regional Training Centers. Jared Woodson (Hilton Head Island), Brent Lett (Hilton Head Island), Hayley Carter (Hilton Head Island), Ellie Halbauer (Mt. Pleasant), Alex Passareanu (Hilton Head Island), Hunter Harrington (Spartanburg) Ali Despain (Georgetown) and John Richmond (Pawley’s Island) all were invited to attend the New Regional Training Center in Norcross, GA.

In addition, Haley Carter was selected to attend the National Training Center in Boca Raton FL. This is a great honor and will be an excellent opportunity for Haley.

It is a new concept designed by Patrick McEnroe. There is a headquarters in Boca Raton and then East (NY) and West (Carson) National Training Centers. The others are called regional training centers and the Racquet Club of the South is one of them. There are going to be lots more. An important message is that they are going to work with the player’s coaches also. The Austin Tennis Academy will be the third one that has been selected. At least two more additional sites are planned.

Regional Training Centers are a new concept, designed by Patrick McEnroe, which are comprised of highly selective camps for elite junior players. The training center headquarters is in Boca Raton FL, and there are also two other national training center in New York and Nevada. The establishment of several new Regional Training Center's (RTC's) enables the USTA to partner with the best Regional programs in the country. There is a center located in Norcross GA, and this will provide an excellent opportunity for South Carolina juniors to receive training under some of the best coaches in the country who will be gathered at the centers.

Aside from building relationships between coaches, RTC's raise the level of training for the best 8-14 year-old Juniors. Since a player's foundation is built between the ages of 8 and 14, RTC's allow more juniors to receive training. They also facilitate the growth of relationships between their coaches and our National Coaches. RTC's enable the USTA to give juniors in the Sections an opportunity to receive high performance training near their homes, allowing them to attend school and live with their families. The increased number of juniors who will have the opportunity to attend the camps will also help with talent identification and, hopefully, lead to more US players competing on an international level.

Approximately 28-32 players are invited to each camp, divided equally between girls and boys when possible. Daily training includes dynamic warm-ups, various drills, groundstroke movement, video training, serve progression and end of the day cool down.