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USTA South Carolina
Job Description
Rock Hill/York County Community Tennis Coordinator

Status: 20 hrs/wk salaried position reports to the USTA South Carolina Director of Community Development

Position Purpose / Mission:  To promote and develop the growth of tennis through the creation and expansion of tennis programs with Parks and Recreation Departments, colleges, community tennis associations, allied organizations (e.g., YMCA, Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club), clubs/facilities or other groups.  The Community Tennis Coordinator will provide support and assistance to the tennis professionals, coaches, tennis volunteers and enthusiasts in their community through grants, training, materials, meetings, and workshops.

Job Duties: Recruiting, meeting, and training volunteers (both on and off the court) to be local program coordinators and helpers, promoting existing local tennis programs for expansion, or starting new ones, and planning and leading special events.

1. Develop a plan and secure support from key community leaders “to promote and develop the growth of tennis in the local community.”
2. Develop and expand the role and functions of the local Community Tennis Association(s) using a unified team approach.
3. Contact and develop a working relationship with key leaders in parks departments and schools.
4. Develop and promote all USTA programs to the community through the CTA(s). 
5. Solicit sites and teaching professionals to offer USTA programs.
6. Encourage and assist local tennis association leaders in applying for USTA Tennis Pathway, Community Development, USTA Foundation & TIA grants each year. 
7. Help start and monitor the operation of USTA Tennis pathway programs.  Help local leaders set community-wide tennis program/event/fundraising goals and be responsible for results.
8. Plan a marketing campaign and recruit key volunteers to lead it.
9. Assist in implementing advertising, publicity, and public relations for USTA Tennis Programs.
10. Oversee the collection/submission/internet registration relating to team rosters, CTA forms, scholarships, and grant applications, etc.
11. Communicate regularly with each local site, tennis partner organizations and CTA(s) in the greater Greenville area.
12. Conduct volunteer interviews, give recruitment and promotion speeches and conduct organizational meetings.
13. Report regularly and directly to the Director of Community Development.
14. Contact and develop a working relationship between local tennis leaders and community based youth organizations.
15. Promote, identify and recruit volunteers to serve as Facility Ambassadors.

Develop sufficient revenue stream to support the cost of the Community Coordinator (salary, benefits, expenses, etc.) within 3-5 years.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Education/Certification: undergraduate degree desirable
2. Experience: working knowledge of program development and implementation,  Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), public presentation and training skills, and success working with volunteers.
3. Skills: strong initiative and ability to problem solve to follow through on project goals.
4. Other: positive, enthusiastic attitude, upbeat personality, and ability to work smoothly as part of a team. Multi-tasking, initiative, creativity and time management a must.  Outstanding sales skills, customer service and project management essential.

              4/3/07 - GC