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Here is your draw for the Super Senior State Championships.  Just click on a link to see a printable PDF of your draw.  Remember the draw is subject to change.  We will inform captains of changes, but captains are responsible for informing their teams. 

Super Senior 60's Women 3.0  Modified 11-6

super senior 60's women 3.5

Super Senior 60's Women 4.0   Modified 11-2

Super Senior 70's Women 3.0

Super Senior 70's Women 3.5 

Super Senior 60's Men 2.5   modified 11-2

Super Senior 60's Men 3.0

Super Senior 60's Men 3.5

Super Senior 60's Men 4.0  modified 11-2

Super Senior 70's Men 3.0  modified 11-2

Super Senior 70's Men 3.5  modified 11-2