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22 teams and a total of well over 200 youth from all over the state came to the Lexington County Tennis Complex to compete for State Championships in five different divisions for this year’s tournament.  The coaches, parents and players did an excellent job making the event fun while still showing us all their tennis skills.

Without the generous help and support from the sponsors below we would not be able to provide the quality of amenities the tournament requires.  Thanks so much for supporting our youth tennis players!

Atlanta Bread Company, Chick-Fil-A, Fatz Café, Golden Hills Tennis Academy, Lexington Area Tennis Association, Papa John’s Pizza, Publix and Todd & Moore Sporting Goods.

Division Champions and Finalists
Red Division Champion – Smash Hits I, coached by Beth Keys
Red Division Finalist – LCTA-CHS, coached by Diane Fishburne

White Stars Champion – Racquet Club-GOTCHA, coached by Melanie Hill
White Stars Finalist – Woodland Aces, coached by Karen Timmerman

White Stripes Champion – Wildewood Crush, coached by Doug Snyder
White Stripes Finalist – Flowertown Tennis Academy, coached by Greg Hancox

Blue Stars Champion – Spring Valley Radicals, coached by Justin Downey
Blue Stars Finalist – Solomon Smith Barney, coached by Sharon Pimental

Blue Stripes Champion – River Hills Superstars, coached by Michael Wojikowski
Blue Stripe Finalist – Jeff Price Tennis, coached by Lari Chillag

MVP Award
This year’s tournament had many players deserving of the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award.  The quality of play was always exciting to watch with so many matches coming down to a close finish.  One player in particular excelled and consistently scored big for his team.  The 2003 USA Team Tennis MVP is Brian Lim of the Smash Hits I team in the Red Division.

Nominees for this award included, Kara Setzer, Lane Hinson, Justin Reznick, Logan Woolard, Brian Lim, Walker Heffron, David Ovellet, Megan Hawley, Ben McFarland, Jay Hill and Lyndsay Moxie.  Congratulations to our MVP winner, Brian Lim, and all the nominees.  You did a great job!

Sportsmanship Award
Although play was very competitive all the participants deserve recognition for demonstrating excellent sportsmanship throughout the tournament.  With this, I also thank the coaches for encouraging and supporting this exemplary on-court behavior.  The nominations for this award were all very close.  The 2003 USA Team Tennis Sportsmanship Award goes to Emma Jenkins of the Woodland Aces in the White Stars Division.

Nominees for this award included, Lindsey Albertson, Eric Druseikis, Zach Hancox, Elizabeth Skinner, Nick Metrakos, Meredith Sweetenburg, Lyndsey Thomas-Motes, Isabelle Dennis, Tyler Estes, Roger Hill, Dylan Hillman, Emma Jenkins, David Boone and Colby Kucharski.  Congratulations Emma Jenkins and to all our Sportsmanship Award nominees who performed admirably throughout the tournament.