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Level I Tournaments
The Level I tournaments are the top tier tournaments all of them are either State Championships, Southern or National level tournaments.
Adults: These are the largest tournaments with the most points and often the most players. If you’re looking to make your claim as best in the state at your level, these tournaments are for you.
Juniors: The Level I tournament is the state qualifier for the Southern Section Closed Championships. This tournament is for those players who feel they can compete on a sectional and national level.

Level II Tournaments
These tournaments feature medium-high level competition and usually have fairly large draws.
Adults: These tournaments are a great way to get quality play against great competition, while accumulating lots of ranking points.
Juniors: Many of these are state championships and there are a few Southern and National events as well.

Level III Tournaments
The Level III tournaments are mostly mid-sized tournaments that have fair sized draws.
Adults: If you’re an experienced league player, these tournaments are a great place to start if you’ve never played tournaments before.
Juniors: These are the lowest level tournaments with open draws, making them an excellent chance to accumulate points for all levels of player.

Level IV Tournaments
Level IV adult tournaments usually are smaller level tournaments that generally draw players from the same area as the venue. If you’ve never played a tournament, or are new to tennis these tournaments are a great way to start off in a smaller, less intimidating environment.
Juniors: Level IV junior tournaments are part of the Challenger Tournament Circuit. These tournaments are restricted to players who are not highly ranked and help younger players, and those new to tournaments, gain experience against players of their own ability level.

Level V Tournaments
The Rising Stars events are juniors only tournaments designed as introductory events to competitive tennis for those players who are new to tennis or are looking to gain experience in a tournament atmosphere. These one-day events are round-robin format with emphasis being placed on fun, match play, and education of parents and players. For players ages eight and younger, the QuickStart format will be used, utilizing smaller equipment that is more suited to the youngest players.