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Description: The round-robin format is designed to give every team in the league the opportunity to compete against all other teams at least once during the league season.

General Directions: To make a round-robin schedule with any number of teams, leave one number in a fixed position, as in the case of number one (1) below. Rotate the other numbers counterclockwise one place for each round. With an odd number of teams, there will be one bye in each round. To check the accuracy of the rotation, make an additional rotation after the final round. The additional rotation should be the same as the first pairing.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Accuracy
1 vs bye 1 vs 5 1 vs 4 1 vs 3 1 vs 2 1 vs bye
2 vs 5 bye vs 4 5 vs 3 4 vs 2 3 vs bye 2 vs 5
3 vs 4 2 vs 3 bye vs 2 5 vs bye 4 vs 5 3 vs 4

The sixth round is the same as the first, so the schedule is accurate.