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Tonya Tobe says the game of tennis has changed her life.  Unlike her fellow Board Members, Tonya is not a player but extremely involved in the game with her position at Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and her daughter who trains full time at the Van der Meer World Class Tennis Academy.

When her daughter, Alrissa, began playing tennis in 2001, Tonya thought it would be a great idea to take some lessons as well and became quite good at the sport.  However, a car accident changed all that.  Back spasms would not allow her to play so Tonya took her spot on the sidelines cheering her little one on as she continued to play competitively in the Mid-Atlantic section. 

After Dennis Van der Meer noticed Alrissa in 2003 at the Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day in New York, she was asked to join the World Class Academy and train under very talented coaches and the tennis guru, Dennis Van der Meer, himself.  This was a major decision for her family as Tonya had been managing an Orthopedic Oncology practice at a 650-bed hospital for 10 years and her husband Alvin; a PTR certified Professional, had been working in the Engineering Department of George Washington University for 13 years.  They were very established but knew that moving to South Carolina was best for their daughter’s game.
In 2004, Tonya moved to South Carolina with no job in support of her daughter’s tennis.  While extremely homesick still, she does not regret the move one bit as Alrissa has continued to excel both academically and on the tennis court. Because of her dedication and the sacrafice of her parents, Alrissa has received a full (athletic & academic) scholarship to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA where she will play on the Women's Tennis team and will major in journalism.

Tonya currently works as the US Membership Director for PTR.  In addition she coordinates the Trade Show, which is held annually during the International Tennis Symposium.