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Tri-Level Leagues are designed for those who have a tough time finding a team due to lack of players on their own level, or lack of players in general.  The format is simple.  You and 5 other players form a team.  The team is made up of three doubles teams each of which must be a different NTRP level.  For instance, you could have a 3.0 doubles pair, a 3.5 doubles pair and a 4.0 doubles pair that collectively form your team.  Once you form your team and join the local Tri-Level League, you play your matches.  Each doubles pair plays against another pair of the same level.  The Tri-Level League gives players flexibility to play on a team with their friends, or find a new group of friends.  The format should help you, the player, find a team to play on so you can enjoy more tennis.  The format also helps local Community Tennis Associations give their members more options and helps facilities get more players on the court.  Scoring and fees are determined on a local level, so you’ll have to contact Graham Cox at or call 800-644-7282 to find out the details.