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Type I: Single Purpose CTA

A Single Purpose CTA is organized with a single, narrow purpose that addresses a specific need in a community. It delivers only on e program or service and does not address the needs of the entire community. For example, there may not be an indoor tennis facility within a local community. A concerned group of citizens may form a CTA for the sole purpose of raising funds to build this facility. Another example may be a group of senior citizens interested in starting a senior division of SUA League Tennis. This group may form a CTA for the sole purpose of organizing and maintaining this program.

Type II: Multi-Purpose CTA

A Multi-Purpose CTA is similar to the single purpose CTA except that it offers more than one program or service without being a full service organization. An example of this type might be a community that is committed to offering a variety of SUA Tennis programs only for youth. The entire adult population is not serviced though the CTAs programs or services.

Type III: Umbrella CTA

An Umbrella CTA represents what we consider to be the most advantageous type of CTA. This type of CTA delivers a full menu of programs and services to the entire community, regardless of age, gender, cultural or socioeconomic background, physical ability, or skill level. Anyone at anytime has the opportunity to try the game, learn the skills, play with friends, or compete in match play.

Type IV: Coalition CTA

The Coalition CTA represents an alliance of diverse community organizations whose purpose is to facilitate the delivery of tennis programs and services through each organization. This type of CTA does not deliver programs itself, but ensures that other organizations (such as CTAs, parks & recreation departments, etc.) within the community have the tools and resources needed to deliver the programs. The Coalition CTA strengthens local relationships and creates partnerships with schools, parks & recreation departments, CTAs, commercial tennis facilities, and any other organizations that promote tennis in the community