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USA Team Tennis (Adult) is the "Play" component of the USA Tennis Program Pathway for adult players who are age 19 years or older. It is designed for players who have completed USA Tennis 1-2-3 and are ready to focus more on match play while continuing to work on skill development, or with basic skills seeking an opportunity to compete.

USA Team Tennis provides organized match play and team practices that emphasize fun and the social benefits of tennis. Eventually, players may advance to more competitive play on teams in USA League Tennis or in USA Tournament Tennis.

The general guidelines for USA Team Tennis allow players to be part of a team, to play tennis for health and fitness benefits, and to learn to played the sport with others of similar skill and interest. The flexibility of formats listed below, allows coaches or directors of tennis to tailor the program to their local situation.

What is USA Team Tennis Adult?

USA Team Tennis (Adult) is a group consisting of at least six players that participates in organized match play and practices for a minimum of 12 hours over a four to six week season. The balance between match play and practice time is decided between the coach and players.

Players who learned basic tennis skills through USA Tennis 1-2-3 or other entry-level programs have the opportunity to test their skills in match play with USA Team Tennis (Adult). Normally, the emphasis is on playing doubles, which maximizes court usage, promotes team play, and encourages social interaction between participants.

The formats offered include: Practice and Play, Round Robin, and DuPont WORLD TEAMTENNIS. Each format has unique characteristics that may make it the best choice for your facility and players.

USA Team Tennis (Adult) is designed to promote organized play at your facility. However, as players improve and become eager to meet new opponents, you may arrange match play with teams from nearby facilities.

The competition should be low-key, with a greater emphases place on fun, playing-skill development, and social interaction among participants. The goal is to convert each participant into a "frequent tennis player," which is someone who plays 21 times or more a year.