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I. Team Structure:

  • 14 & Under Intermediate (3.0 & below) and Advanced (3.5 & above)
  • 18 & Under Intermediate (3.0 & below) Advanced (3.5 & above)
    • Each team must have minimum of 3 boys/3 girls, though 4 boys and 4 girls is preferred.  Maximum 10 players per team
    • Total of 18 teams from the 14 & Under Division (9 teams from the Intermediate and 9 teams from the Advanced level. One team from each level from each of the 9 Southern States)
    • Total of 18 teams from the 18 & Under Division (9 teams from the Intermediate level and 9 teams from the Advanced level. One team from each level from each of the 9 Southern States)
    • Total of 36 teams Nationally Ranked Players are permitted in 2004, and must play in the Advanced division; Section ranked players may play in the Advanced division only.

III. Format of Play: Modified Round Robin

Three Flights of Round robin draws will be created in each division and in each level of play. Two (2) matches on Saturday Aug. 16 and two (2) matches on Sunday Aug. 17. After the first day of play we will regroup the teams into Gold, Silver and Bronze level teams and have the playoffs to determine the first, second and third place in each level of both the 14 & Under and 18 & Under divisions.
World Team Tennis Modified Format

  • One Boys and one Girls Singles Match
  • One Boys and one Girls Doubles Match
  • One Mixed Doubles Match

IV. Order of Play:

  • The order of play shall be Boys’ and Girls’ Doubles, and then Mixed Doubles then boys singles and girls singles
  • Default order is: BS, GS, MxD, BD, GD
  • Players on a 3 and 3 team may play twice in a match, though they may not play twice in a second match until every other player on the roster of the same gender has played twice in a match.

V. Scoring:

  • 8-game pro-set of no-ad scoring (first to 8 by two wins)
  • 12 point set tiebreaker to be played at 8 games all
  • Total games determine overall winner of each flight/division
  • There will be no bonus point

VI. Player/team eligibility:

  • To be eligible, a player must have played 2 matches in a local USA Team Tennis program in the current year (September 1 through August 31).  Local history must be documented in TennisLink for Team Tennis
  • All eligible teams must have qualified through their State USA Team Tennis Championships.
  • It is up to each State’s jurisdiction to use the JNTRP rating system to determine placement of teams at Sectionals.   If there is a question, please play UP.
  • USA Team Tennis age eligibility requirements for the USTA Southern Section Championships, and the USTA Regional Championships are by the calendar year. It will be up to the State Coordinators to monitor and enforce the age eligibility rules. If a team were to advance to the USTA National Championships, then the USTA age eligibility requirements for standard junior tournament rules listed in the Friend At Court goes into effect.
  • At least 2/3 of the original qualified team from the State Championships MUST attend the Sectionals.  If this cannot be done, then Districts must send a replacement team under their own discretion and following the rules and regulations of submitting a team.  If a player(s) need to be replaced, the player(s) must fit within the confines of the qualified team (i.e. age and skill level)
  • The Levels of play in both the 14 & Under and 18 & Under are:
    • Intermediate:  This division includes JNTRP 3.0 level and below players. A 3.0 and below player is getting better at moving to the ball, is improving court coverage, and can sustain a rally with consistency on slow- to moderate-paced shots. The player serves with fair consistency with few double faults. On groundstrokes, the player needs to improve control of height, depth, direction, and speed control. The player attempts to move his or her opponent from side to side and hit to the opponent’s weakness.
    • Advanced: This division includes JNTRP 3.5 level and above players. A 3.5 and above player can sustain a rally and is beginning to develop directional control and depth of groundstrokes. The player is starting to recognize opportunities to attack short balls by coming to the net. The player is developing more spin and power on the serve and seldom-double faults. The player is becoming more aggressive in applying basic strategy in singles and using teamwork in doubles.

VII. Rules and Regulations:

  • Eligibility issues will be dealt with on-site.  If a player is found to be ineligible for any reason, they will be removed from competition.  They may, however, appeal the decision to the appeals committee.  All appeals committee decisions are final.  In the event that the appeal is denied, the player will not be allowed to continue or advance on that team and all matches played by the player shall be considered losses and scored 8-0.  The team, however, will be allowed to continue without the services of the disqualified player.  Should this case arise, teams will be required to default the singles match in subsequent matches if they do not have enough players to fill the disqualified players roster place.  This is to ensure that the fewest number of participants is affected by the disqualification.
  • If a team is found to be out of level, it will continue to play. However, it will not be eligible for any awards or advancement. If this ineligible team were to win, then the second- and third-place teams will automatically move up to the first and second-place slots.
  • USTA rules will be enforced during tennis play. USTA officials will be present on site during tournament
  • Substitutions of players may NOT be made once first ball has been put in play.
  • Team rosters may NOT be changed once turned in at tournament desk. If a player becomes ill or injured that position will have to be forfeited.
  • A player may play twice in a team match, provided they abide by the rules in this packet for playing twice, unless there is an injury to a team mate and that team only consists of the minimum number of players allowed (3 boys and 3 girls)
  • Tournament director has last say in any tournament questions, concerns or debates.  USTA Referee will handle all on-court procedures
  • Match Tie-Break – The Match Tie-Break is played similarly to the Set Tie-Break except that the winner is the first to reach 10 points by a margin of 2 points; however, if the game reaches 9 points-all, the game is extended until that margin is reached.  The match tie-break will be played by the mixed doubles team that is denoted by each captain before the team match begins.
  • The Match Tie-Break will be recorded as a game won.
  • The final match score will be determined by total games won in that individual match
  • The team match winner will be determined by totaling all games won by a team and compared to their opponents total games won.
  • A modified round-robin format shall be used.
  • Teams will be separated into flights: Flight I, Flight II and Flight III.
  • The winner of each flight will be determined by total games won
  • In the event that the flights are tied, a flight tie-break will be determined as follows:
  1. If two teams are tied: head-to-head results.
  2. If three or more teams are tied: the least number of sets lost, then the least number of games lost, then, finally, a spin of the racquet.
  • Championship/Playoff Match Tiebreak – In the event team scores are tied in games won at the completion of a Championship or Playoff Match, the teams will play a mixed doubles Match Tie-Break to determine the winner of the overall match. Prior to the start of the Championship or Playoff Match, each Coach/Captain shall select and indicate on the team match roster one boy and one girl to play a mixed doubles match tiebreak. The team that wins the match tiebreak will be awarded one game, which will be added to their team’s total games won, thus determining the winner of that Championship or Playoff Match. Prior to the start of the Match Tie-break, the teams shall flip a coin to determine who shall serve first, then be given a 5-minute warm-up, then proceed to play the tiebreak.

VII. Reporting Line-Ups:

  • Each team MUST have an adult team captain
  • Each team captain MUST check in at site 30 minutes prior to match time with match line-up prepared.  Players must be present and ready for play at the time of check-in.
  • Match default time is 15 minutes.  The referee will handle defaults.
  • Each team captain returns signed scorecards, balls and cans at the conclusion of the team match.

VIII. Awards:

  • 1st place teams only in each Division and each playing level (14 & Under Intermediate Gold, Silver and Bronze. 14 & Under Advanced Gold, Silver and Bronze, 18 & Under Intermediate Gold, Silver and Bronze and 18 & Under Advanced Gold, Silver and Bronze) will receive an award. All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each division and each level will receive a participation award. The 1st and 2nd place teams in the Gold flights of the 14 & Under and 18 & Under Intermediate divisions will be invited to participate in the Regional Championships (4 teams total). The 1st place team in the Gold Divisions in each of the 14 & Under and 18 & Under Advanced divisions will be eligible for the National Championships (2 teams total).
  • Sportsmanship awards will also be handed out. Sportsmanship nomination forms will be included in your packet; we would like the team captains to nominate players on opposing teams for the Sportsmanship award. There will be a boy and a girl award given in each division (14 & Under – Intermediate and Advanced and 18 & Under – Intermediate and Advanced)

IX. Team Captain meeting:

A MANDATORY team captain meeting will be held the night before the tournament begins (Friday at 7:00PM) to discuss rules/regs of event

Tournament goodies will be handed out during meeting

X. Cost:

  • There is a $15 per player entry fee for Sectionals, as well as a fully refundable $150 deposit per team.  Deposits will be returned to the captains at the captain’s meeting prior to the event.