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The game of wheelchair tennis follows the ITF Rules of Tennis with a few exceptions. Go to Rules of Tennis

The USTA has published all of its Rules and Regulations on its website. By visiting USTA Regulations, you will be taken to the area of the USTA website that will allow you to view these regulations.

Note that the USTA Regulations may have been amended and you will need to review the entire section of the website to ensure that you are reading the most current regulation.

While the regulations in their entirety govern the game of tennis in the United States, there are several areas of the USTA Regulations that deal with topics consistently of concern to wheelchair players. Wheelchair players, their coaches and their families should become especially familiar with these regulations:

USTA Regulation I - Tournament Regulations

  • E. 3.       Additional eligibility requirements for competing in USTA sanction wheelchair tournament
  • J. 12. g   Scheduling guidelines
  • T.           Rest Periods

USTA Regulation III. - National Championships and National Tournament Regulations

  • C. Wheelchair National Tournament Regulations

USTA Regulation X – National Ranking Regulations

  • C. National Wheelchair Rankings

Go to USTA Regulations

Friend at Court
The USTA Regulations are published in book form in "Friend at Court", and it is highly recommended that each junior tennis family have a copy of this publication as a reference. The book is published once yearly, although the regulations may be amended at the USTA’s Annual Meeting in March of each year and at its Semi-Annual Meeting in September of each year. You can purchase the easy-to-carry USTA's "Friend of Court" by calling toll free, 1-888-832-8291, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST. The cost is $5.00 plus shipping. USTA members receive a 10% discount.

USTA Yearbook
The USTA’s Yearbook is published annually and contains every important USTA statistic for the year, title holders and special award winners. It also includes a directory of all USTA Staff, and National Committee Volunteers as well as a copy of the USTA Bylaws. You can purchase the USTA Yearbook by calling toll free, 1-888-832-8291, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST.