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USTA Jr. Team Tennis
T-shirt Incentive Program
Sponsored by USTA South Carolina

USTA South Carolina is offering official 2007 USTA Jr. Team Tennis programs a t-shirt benefit.  This program provides $3 compensation per player on  TennisLink for a 2007 calendar year  season. Please contact Graham Cox at or 800-644-7282 with questions after  reading the information below.  you can download the complete rules and order form here.


  • Program must be on TennisLink and operate during the 2007 calendar year.
  • Program must use the USTA Jr. Team Tennis name in its materials for the public such as,  registration forms and flyers.

  • The vendor must be Maryland Screen Printers (order form attached). Order requests must  be submitted to USTA South Carolina for approval. Orders submitted directly to Maryland  Screen Printers cannot be reimbursed by USTA South Carolina.
  • You may order more t-shirts than your current players on TennisLink. However, you will only be compensated $3 per player posted on TennisLink by your program’s registration deadline. Orders in excess of this will be your financial responsibility at 100% the cost incurred.
  • You can customize your t-shirts with sponsors etc. as you choose recognizing the additional costs associated with this added service.
  • If you place a local sponsor on your t-shirts you must also add the Southern Section sponsor, “People to People.”

  • Once you submit your t-shirt order form to Graham Cox at USTA South Carolina your  request will be processed. Your program will be responsible for any charges beyond the  $3 per player compensation offered by USTA South Carolina.
  • USTA South Carolina will provide your program with an invoice for payment after your  program’s registration deadline. This invoice will represent the total cost of your t-shirts as  ordered including tax, shipping, and optional artwork. The invoice will also show your $3  per player on TennisLink compensation. Your payment to USTA South Carolina is the  total cost of your program’s t-shirts minus your $3 per player compensation.