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The Player Development Program began in September 1987 and was developed by a Special Committee appointed by the USTA Board of Directors. The three goals established by the Special Committee were:

  • To attract more young people from every background to tennis and keep them playing.
  • To help good players reach their maximum potential.
  • To help our absolutely superb players win the Grand Slam events, the Davis Cup, the Federation Cup and the Olympics.

The 1st five programs in the USA Tennis Pathway help fulfill goal #1 above. To help achieve the second goal, USTA Competition Training Centers have been established. The goal of the South Carolina program is to help players selected for each of the Competition Training Centers to focus on achieving skills that will enable them to reach their maximum potential. USTA South Carolina attempts to achieve this goal currently through four programs:

  • 5 full-day (or longer) Competition Training Center clinics for top ranked jr. players in the 12's and 14's age groups.
  • Similar camps for the 10's age groups.
  • 16's and 18's camps.
  • All Star Camp at Van der Meer Tennis Center.

The centers are used to supplement the players’ current programs and complement already acquired mental and physical skills. Being selected for any player development program is an honor. If a player chooses not to attend with no explanation, then he or she jeopardizes his chances of being invited in the future.

The Player Development Committee makes the selections based on the following criteria:

  1. Player ranking and record
  2. Sportsmanship
  3. Attitude
  4. All-court game

Selections are made by September 1st of each year and players are notified by mail by September 15th of the committee’s selections.

South Carolina may also host other programs in addition to the Competition Training Centers such as:

10’s Camp – All 10’s players who have qualified for a ranking will receive an invitation to a special Player Development session for 10’s only.

16’s & 18’s Camp – The top boys and girls in the 16’s and 18’s division are extended in invitation based on the same criteria as the 12’s and 14’s program. This age group may have one or two weekends committed to their play. Selections are made by the SCTA Player Development Committee.

All Star Camp - The top ten boys and grils from the previous year's rankings are invited to the Van der Meer Tennis Ctr. each spring for a weekend of tennis instruction, drills and a celebration of their recent success. This event is jointly hosted by USTA/SC and Dennis and Pat Van der Meer.