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PLEASE NOTE:  Deadlines for appeals have been advanced.  This has been at the request of the USTA/SC Board in an effort to have the yearbook out earlier.  The rankings that are being published in the yearbook are TENTATIVEFINAL rankings will be published on our website at a later date to be determined by the adult ranking committee. 

The Committee asks that you review your ranking as it appears on the Website.  If you have any concerns, please address them to the person responsible for the appropriate categories as listed below.  Appeals will be reviewed by the Committee.  Players in the top five positions will be notified immediately when an appeal affects their position to provide an opportunity for rebuttal.

Men SD
S&D 40, 45, 50, 55   Frank Meade
Open to 35, 60 to 85 Elaine Broderick
Women SD
All Categories: Lib Smith
   Vervatine Thompson
Mixed, Family Doubles
   Elaine Broderick
(All ratings: Men SD; Women SD; Mixed Doubles; Combo;)
   Phyllis Bible
   Jeff Maddox
(Phone numbers are available in the Yearbook or from the USTA/SC Office)