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Adult Male & Female Player of the Year

Players who have an outstanding year that's reflected in state, sectional, and national rankings.

Past Winners

2019 Diane Barker/Keith Richardson
2018 Lizl Kotz/Al Cannon
2017 Brenda Carter/Nicholas Lombardo
2016 Tom Meigs/Ann Hunt
2015 Emile Rasheed/Diane Barker
2014 Norm Chryst/Cindy Babb
2013 Marissa Chapin/Andy Steingold
2012 Richard Weathers/Ann Harrah
2011 Charly Rasheed/Deanna Vroman
2010 Jim Hinson/Shirley Taylor

2009 Emile Rasheed/Renata Marcinkowska
2008 Andy Lake/Sophie Woorons-Johnston
2007 Judy Levering/Greg Beers
2006 Will Bull/Brenda Carter
2005 Tom Foster/ Rita Anderson
2004 Ben Cook/ Jolene Watanabe-Giltz
2003 Anthony Stewart/ Denise Agee
2002 Will Bull/ Renata Marcinkowska
2001 Mal Brown/ Brenda Carter
2000 Ashley Maddox/ Ray Frazier
1999 Susan Peiffer/ Joe Roberts
1998 Diane Fishburne/ Al Cannon
1997 Lois Landis Miller/ Dewey Varn
1996 Jeanette Weiland/ Bill Jolly
1995 Shirley Taylor/ Frank Meade
1994 Roy Riley/ Betsy McColl
1993 Detlev Nitsche/ Sherry Adams
1992 Ben Varn/ Diane Fishburne
1991 Bob Snowdon/ Gwin Allen
1990 Ruth Troyer
1989 Jim Hinson
1988 Senior Cup Team
1987 Louellen DeStaffany
1986 Bunny Williams/ Mike Sprengelmeyer
1985 Betsy McColl
1984 Dan Guyton
1983 Marion Harris