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Rivers Lynch Coach of the Year

High School or college coach who has an outstanding record of producing top players, good students, and successful teams. 

Mike McCuen

Mike McCuen guided the Greenville High School 4A girls varsity team to back to back state championships for 2016/2017 and 2017/2018, along with 4A regionals and upper state titles. Their 2017-2018 record was 13-0! His girls team won the sportsmanship award at Belton, which was a first for Greenville High.

Mike has won both the regional and SCCAA state high school coach of the year award for 2017/2018. He guided the boys team to a regional championship in 2016/2017.

Coach Mike insists on good sportsmanship and honest play and builds character as well as solid tennis players. His emphasis on scholastic achievement helped the girls team to maintain a 4.0 GPA during tennis season.


Past Winners
2018 Mike McCuen
2017 Todd Seagle
2016 Sherry Adams
2015 Kristin Fleming Arnold
2014 Hardeep Judge
2013 Joey Eskridge
2012 Bobby Austell
2011 Calhoun Parr
2010 Becky Williamson
2009 John Rogers
2008 James Brown
2007 Garth Thompson
2006 Jody Davis
2005 Hardeep Judge
2004 Nancy Harris
2003 Angelo Anastopoulo
2002 Brett Simpson
2001 Paul Scarpa
2000 Debbie Southern
1999 Patricia Owens
1998 Rivers Lynch
1997 Bill Porter
1996 Donna Arnold
1995 Bobby Bridgeman
1994 Joe Cabri
1993 Andy Johnston
1992 John Strawhorn
1991 Debbie Southern
1990 Paul Scarpa
1989 Kent DeMars
1988 Arlo Elkin
1987 Mike Carlton
1986 C. Nelson/Jim Boykin
1985 Lyn Howard
1984 J.Cabri/B. Hughes
1983 Billy Silcox