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Cam Littlejohn Community Service Award

Person or organization that has devoted significant time to promote an outstanding tennis program beneficial to the community and USTA South Carolina

The Community Service Award is named after Cam Littlejohn, who passed away in July, 2018. Cam Littlejohn served the South Carolina tennis community as a dedicated volunteer for 30 years.  He became the USTA South Carolina legal advisor in 1992 and served 19 years in that capacity.  During this time he chaired the Bylaws & Policies Committee and served on the Grievance Committee and the Adult League Council.  Cam received the Lucy Garvin Volunteer of the Year Award in 1997.  He was elected to the USTA South Carolina Board of Directors as a Vice-President in 2010 and served as President in 2014 and 2015 and Chairman of the South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation in 2016 and 2017. He will be long remembered by all those who knew him.


Past Winners
2019 Ron James
Dr. Carol B. Alan
2017 Sarah Casteel
2016 Carolina Rollin' Rackets
2015 Spencer Brown
2014 Ed Sprenger
2013 Kim Ozmon
2012 Peggy Bohne
2011 Willie Dawkins
2010 Meg Farrelly
2009 Mark Sari
2008 Florence Tennis Association
2007 John Griggs
2006 Charleston Pro Tennis League
2005 Martha and Dan Wilder
2004 Belton Tennis Association
2003 Bill Jolly and Calvin Woods
2002 Pressie Carter and  Patricia Utsey
2001 Wilton McKinney
2000 Mark Taylor
1999 Jim Gansrow and Tom Kent
1998 DD & J Junior Tennis Foundation
1997 Walter Luszki
1996 Margo Winter
1995 Jo Ann Lee
1994 Lib & Jerry Smith
1993 Moses Dixon
1992 Delores Jackson
1991 John White
1989 Randy Chamberlain
1988 Bob Capes Benefit
1987 Killingsworth Home Pro
1986 Women of Rockbridge
1985 Carol Arberg
1984 Larry Rizzo
1983 H. Thrower/ Lee Brockman