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Junior Team Tennis Volunteer of the Year

The person who contributes the most to further USTA Junior Team Tennis in their area and across the state. 

Sonja Broderick

Sonja Broderick has captained 18 teams, served as a flight coordinator, schools coordinator and a Greenville Junior Team Tennis board member since her children started playing Junior Team Tennis in the fall of 2012. 

Her goals have always been to get the kids on her teams as many opportunities to play tennis as possible. While acknowledging that winning is more fun than losing, Sonja never puts winning above providing play time for all of the kids, despite variations in skill level. 

Sonja has participated in USTA Leage Tennis since the mid-1990s and has held various volunteer positions in her local league. Currently she is rated a 4.5. Both of her children and her husband play tennis as well.

Sonja’s favorite part of the Junior Team Tennis volunteer experience has been seeing kids from her own teams, and others, improve their tennis and confidence over the years.

Past Winners
2018 Sonja Broderick
2017 Steve Cohen
2016 Wendy Kingsley
2015 Dion Straub
2014 Crimora Carter
2013 Toni Odom
2011 Ladonna Kaminer
2010 Barbara L. Jones
2009 Ashlyn Cousins
2008 Robert Brown
2007 Karen Holzschuh 
*This award was for Junior Team Tennis coordinators from 2007-2010.