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Junior Girl and Boy Player of the Year

Players who have an outstanding year which will be reflected in state, sectional, and national ranking.

Anna Ross

Currently #1 in Girls 18s in South Carolina and in the South, and with a National ranking of 30, Anna Ross has been on Tennis Recruiting’s Hot 100 List 3 times.

In compiling a 107-30 win/loss record over the past year, Anna has won the Palmetto Championships, the Icy Hot Southern in both singles and doubles, all four of her matches at the Intersectionals, and a National Level 2 tournament. An accomplished doubles player, she won in doubles at the Southern Closed, at two National tournaments  and at the Family Circle Junior Championships. She was a finalist or semi-finalist at other tournaments too numerous to mention.

Anna’s favorite tennis memory is defeating Georgia after 24 years in the 2018 Southern Junior Cup.

When she isn’t on the courts, Anna volunteers with Maryville Crisis Nursery, Tennis to Tanzania, and Read 365 at Meeting Street Academy.

Anna has accepted an offer to play tennis at Vanderbilt starting next year. When asked what sets her apart from other tennis players, Anna responds, “A lot of people say I have a guys game.”

Coy Simon and Huntley Allen

This year, the Awards Committee decided to honor two boys, Coy Simon and Huntley Allen, as Junior Boys Players of the Year, recognizing that they have been atop the South Carolina and Southern 18s standings at #1 and #2 for many months, with little separating them in points. The same is true at the National level, where Coy was ahead in September and Huntley has recently jumped ahead. 

But what is appealing about their rivalry is that they are doubles partners. The two have racked up wins at The Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup and a National Level 2 tournament. They were finalists at the recent National Indoor Championships and at the Southern Level 1A. And they have great results at other tournaments.

In Singles, Coy has won a Southern 1A tournament and the Icy Hot Southern Level 2, was a finalist at a National Level 2 tournament and placed third at a National Level 3.

Huntley won the 128-draw Southern Closed and placed third at a National Level 2 event. At the Southern Junior Cup, Huntley won all four of his matches at #2 and Coy won three out of four at #1.

The two boys play a lot of tournaments but did not face each other this year. If they had, it would have been a great match!

Past Winners
2018 Anna Ross/Coy Simon and Huntley Allen
2017 Allie Gretkowski/Marcus Ferreira
2016 Maggie Cubitt/Jared Pratt
2015 Emma Navarro/Phillip Jordan
2014 Jade Lewis/Oliver Crawford
2013 Makenna Jones/Adam Steryous
2012 Rachel McNeely/Hampton Drake
2011 Ansley Speaks/Spencer Brown
2010 Shelby Rogers/Wood Benton
2009 Chip Cox/Hayley Carter
2008 Harrison Richmond/Mallory Cecil
2007 Christopher "Chip" Cox/Hayley Carter 
2006 Ross Moyer/Mallory Cecil
2005 Christopher Britt/Laurianne Henry
2004 Daniel Knause/Sarah Guzick 
2003 Will Guzick/Abby Walker
2002 Andrew Stubbs/Caroline Ferrell
2001 Ryan Young/Sarah Shelley
2000 Roddy Cantey/Lin Waterford
1999 Rob Cassidy/Elizabeth Sauerborn
1998 Ryan Haviland/Catherine Brown
1997 Lee Porter/Janet Bergman
1996 Lesley Joseph/Maiko Cook
1995 Ramsey Smith/Elizabeth Proctor
1994 Lesley Joseph/Janet Bergman/ Joyce Bergman
1993 Mitch Sprengelmeyer/Killy Zalinski>
1992 Keith Brill/Mary Carlisle White
1991 Charly Rasheed/Melissa Odom
1990 Keith Brill/Janice Durden
1989 Ron Davis/Cena Hackler
1988 Will Bull/Susan Culik
1987 Chris Baker/Julie Davis
1986 Andre Janasik/Jill Waldman
1985 Will Bull
1984 Bret Garnett
1983 Kay Louthian