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Helen Jeter League Volunteer of the Year

This person must possess an outstanding dedication and service to the South Carolina League Tennis programs. Must be a motivator to players, league coordinators, and provide enthusiastic leadership with special involvement in promoting tennis at the grassroots level.

Kim Ozmon

Kim Ozmon is a dedicated Local League Coordinator in Rock Hill. She promotes all of the League divisions and has been among the leaders in the state starting and running a Tri-Level League. She’s also helped grow USTA Flex Leagues in Rock Hill as well. Kim is known for her knowledge of tennis and League rules and regulations. She’s a motivator to players and other coordinators and provides enthusiastic leadership in promoting tennis at the grassroots level.

Helen Jeter was a tireless volunteer advocate for tennis, league programs, and the USTA. Beginning as South Carolina's first state league coordinator, she gave years of her life to growing the game. She was past president of USTA South Carolina, served on the board at USTA Southern and on numerous committees at state, section and national levels. Jeter passed away in October 2014. She was 73.

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