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Mark Hodgin Junior Sportmanship Award

Junior players who demonstrate behavior that is considered courteous and exemplary both on and off the court. (Opinions of tournament directors and referees are important for this award.)

Rebecca Spratt

The 2015 Junior Sportsmanship Girl Award recipient also shows how to succeed on court and honor the game. Rebecca Spratt of Charleston is ranked inside the top 30 in the state for the girls 16 and under singles division. She also goes out of her way to treat her opponents well. Rebecca has been taught the value of sportsmanship from an early age by her parents, John and Linda. When Rebecca plays, she rarely shouts or slams her racquet when she’s struggling. Instead, to regain her focus, she quietly talks to herself or takes a second to relax.


Ashe Ray

Ashe’s model behavior has helped him earn the respect and acknowledgement of his peers and fellow coaches throughout the state and region, as exemplified in his sportsmanship award at the Southern Closed Championships.

He is the admirable player who not only looks forward to the competition of tennis, but also the moments in which he can display his great sportsmanship. He knows that being a great sport does not come easy, but says that embracing this challenge has made him a better sport as well as a better person. Well said, Ashe.

Mark Hodgin was a top-ranked junior player in his age group for years in South Carolina. He also won nine singles and doubles titles at the Palmetto Championships. In addition to his strong play, Mark’s attitude and composure helped him stand out on the tennis court. Mark’s promising life was cut short in 1990. He was 28.


Past Winners
2015 Rebecca Spratt/Ashe Ray
2014 Elizabeth Truluck/Paul Hendrix

2013 Phillip Jordan/Emily Erickson
2012 Ben Horst/Olivia Lucas
2011 Jacob Behal/Morgan Chumney
2010 Sven Ivankovic/ Ashley Kitchen
2009 Ben Barnette/Molly O'Koniewski
2008 Wilson Daniel/Jessica Diamond
2007 Stephen Beach/Patricia Kirkland
2006 Zachary Sprouse/Catherine Roach
2005 Christopher Britt/ Amanda Malatek
2004 Christopher Loveless/ Virginia Waldron
2003 Tradd Robinson/ Tracey Cooke
2002 Moutray McLaren/ Symmes Johnson
2001 Scott Hartley/ Anne Carter Hughes
2000 Bennet Evers/ Annie Bosler
1999 John Boetsch/ Fallon Koon
1998 Bill Brehmer/ Candy Gore
1997 Will Johnson/ Jennifer Fayad
1995 Jeff Bergman/ Katie Coleman
1994 Ryan Lindsay
1993 Timothy Dargan
1992 Mary Avent
1991 Robert Martin
1990 Louise Maynard/ Heath Foster
1989 Beth Niemeyer
1988 Ashley Gaines
1987 Vernon Gettone
1996 Ashley Hawkins/ Matthew McKenzie
1985 Dave Garner
1984 Christy Faustmann