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President's Award

The President's Award goes to a person who has been a valuable advisor and contributor for the president and has gone out of his or her way to support tennis in our state.

Past Winners
2018 Katrina Edwards
2017 Franny Russell
2016 Susie Peiffer
2015 Graham Cox
2014 Helen Jeter
2013 Bob Peiffer
2012 John Sheffield
2011 Bob Peiffer
2010 Terry Ferrell
2009 Paul Pittman
2008 Becky Dobbins
2007 Ron Charron
2006 Al Marshall
2005 David Honeycutt
2004 Harriet Hewitt and Helen Jeter
2003 Harriet Hewitt
2002 Helen Jeter
2001 Harriet Hewitt
2000 Helen Jeter
1999 Lucy Garvin
1998 Rex Maynard and Bill Lindsay
1997 Emilie Rasheed
1996 Andrea E. Bull