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2013 League Restructuring - Captains' Questions

Do I need to increase my roster size?
If you are playing the new Adult 40 & over League, yes. Otherwise, no. The new format for Adult 40 & over is two singles and three doubles matches (as opposed to three doubles for the Senior category, representing 50 & over, in the previous format). Under the new format, you will need a larger roster and some additional players who want to play singles.  
Roster requirements and format in the new Adult 18 & over and the new Adult 55 & over (which effectively replaces the previous Super Senior category) will not change. 
Of note: Below the championship level, the format does not have to comply with the requirements for the championships format. However, once teams advance to championships, they will need to adjust to the required format.
Will organizing a team be easier, more difficult or the same?  
Organizing teams should remain unchanged. If anything, the new structure should provide your members with more opportunities to play on more teams and enjoy making new friends. With the availability of the Team Management Tool (TMT), at no cost, it could even make the challenges for the captain easier to manage.