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Top Five Most Asked Questions About League Restructuring

Q.             My friends and I are perfectly happy with the existing league structure. Why the change?
A.             The final decision to realign the USTA League structure came down to a desire to better align league participants with players of their own age, and to better distribute USTA League players across the age categories. Research shows that this should result in more play opportunities, more participants and more competitive match play, and subsequently more accurate NTRP ratings.
"Under the current model, we have players of the same ability, but not necessarily of the same playing style or fitness level," says USTA League Committee Chair Bud Spencer. "Plus, USTA League is a social game as well as a competitive one, and in many instances, a 60 year old and a 20 year old may not have as much in common. The new system narrows that window to create more social commonalities. The 60 year old may still choose to play in the 18 and over, but now we feel we’ve presented that player with more age appropriate competition at the local level."
Q.            I saw there are going to be National Championships for the 18 & Above, Adult 40 & Above, Adult 55 & Above and Mixed 18 & Above under the new USTA restructuring. Why were the National Championships for the other leagues discontinued?
A.            No National Championships are being discontinued under the restructuring. Currently there are four National Championships–Adult 18 & Above, Senior 50 & Above, Super Senior 60 & Above and Mixed 18 & Above. There will be four National Championships under the restructuring, plus one National Invitational Event for Mixed 40 & Above.  Others may be added in the future, depending on participation levels.
Q.            I’m confused about restructuring. I don’t really care whether a program advances to a National Championship; I just want to know what league programs I will be able to play in South Carolina beginning in 2013.
A.            South Carolina players will not see any reduction in the type of league play opportunities. The following USTA League programs will be offered in South Carolina. Some will advance to National Championships, some will advance to Sectional Championships and some to South Carolina State Championships.
Adult 18 & Over     State, Sectional and National Championships
Adult 40 & Over     State, Sectional and National Championships
Adult 55 & Over     State, Sectional and National Championships
Adult 65 & Over     State and Sectional Championships
Adult 75 & Over     State Championship
Mixed 18 & Above     State, Sectional and National Championships
Mixed 40 & Above     State and Sectional Championships & a National Invitational Event
Mixed 55 & Above     State Championship
Combo 18 & Above     State and Sectional Championships
Combo 40 & Above     State and Sectional Championships
Combo 55 & Above     State and Sectional Championships
Singles 18 & Above     State Championship
Singles 40 & Above     State Championship
Q.            Isn’t it true that the USTA is changing the age groups in order to get more people to play in multiple leagues, and thus bring in more money?
A.            No, that is not correct. Actually none of the money from leagues goes to the USTA or to the USTA Southern. Here is where your league registration money goes:
            $3.00 to the contractor that operates Tennis Link
            $6.00 to the USTA South Carolina to support its operations
            The remaining funds, which vary based on your local league, go to the             local league to operate the programs that you play in

Any increase in participation due to the restructuring will mainly benefit your local league organization and the state organization, which helps fund local programs.
Q.            This restructuring seems like a pretty big deal. When will there be more information on how it is all going to work?
A.            The USTA National regulations for restructuring will receive final approval in March. These regulations will provide all of the details on the restructured system. Then, additional regulations will be issued by the Southern Section and the USTA South Carolina for those league programs under their direction. However, all of the essential changes have already been approved and that information is currently available on various USTA websites.
From April through the fall, there will be a great deal of additional information and details on the actual implementation of league restructuring.
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