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USTA South Carolina provides several different varieties of League tennis to fit your preference and busy schedule.  Find a league that works best for you!  Want more information on League play in your specific area?  Contact your Local League Coordinator

Adult League

Adult League matches feature courts with both singles and doubles play in the lower age divisions. Some of the older age divisions feature doubles play exclusively.  Leagues run in the spring state-wide and in the fall in many areas. Spring season teams can advance to State, Section, and National Championships.

Adult League age divisions:

  • Adult 18 & Over
  • Adult 40 & Over
  • Adult 55 & Over
  • Adult 65 & Over
  • Adult 75 & Over

Mixed Doubles

Mixed doubles leagues are coed with three courts making up a team match. The mixed doubles season is late spring to early summer.   Mixed doubles teams can advance to State, Section, and National Championships, while mixed doubles super senior teams can advance to a state championship.

Mixed Doubles age divisions:

  • Adult Mixed Doubles (18 & Over, 40 & Over)
  • Mixed Doubles 55 & Over
  • Mixed Doubles 65 & Over

Combo Doubles

Combo doubles allow two players of different skill levels to play on the same team.  Combo season runs in the late summer. 

Combo Doubles age divisions:

  • 18 & Over
  • 40 & Over
  • 55 & Over
  • 65 & Over

Singles League

Singles leagues feature teams of three who face off in singles matches. It is a program that is exclusive to South Carolina.

Singles League age divisions:

  • 18 & Over
  • 40 & Over

Flex League

USTA Flex Leagues packages all the thrills of organized league tennis into a flexible schedule so everyone, regardless of time constraints and ability, can play. Maybe you can’t commit to every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Maybe Tuesday of next week works better for you—or Thursday, the week after that. With Flex Leagues, it’s your call.  

Age divisions and format is determined at the local level.  Click here for more information.