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NTRP Frequently Asked Questions

What is NTRP? 

National Tennis Rating Program is a classification system developed in 1978 that identifies and describes the general characteristics of thirteen levels of tennis-playing ability.

What is a self-rating?

A self-rating is an entry rating level determined by the new player based on questions asked in the TennisLink registration process.   All players must enter league tennis with a valid computer rating or self-rate using TennisLink.  (See #18)

What is a Dynamic rating?

A dynamic rating is the result of your current match averaged with up to three of your most recent dynamic results generated.  A dynamic rating is calculated after each match.  A dynamic rating may change with each match played.   

What is a year-end rating? 

A year-end rating is a NTRP level assigned at conclusion of the league championship year that reflects level of ability.  A player’s year-end rating shall be used to enter leagues during the following year and will be valid for up to three years or until another rating is generated.  

What is an early start rating?

An early start rating is a tentative rating for exclusive use by players who register for an early start league prior to publication of year-end ratings.  The rating is based on the most current dynamic at the time of publication.  Early start ratings are replaced by year-end ratings.  If you play in an early start league with an early start rating, please check with your section to see if you may continue to compete on your team if your year-end rating goes up.

When are dynamic ratings calculated?

Dynamic ratings for local play are calculated nightly for the Adult and Senior Divisions.   During championships, dynamic ratings are run instantly as match results are entered.  

Is there a difference between a dynamic rating and a year-end rating?

Yes, there are several.

  • Dynamic ratings are not disclosed to players, where year-end ratings are published annually at NTRP levels.
  • Dynamic ratings are expressed to the one-hundredth of a point, where year-end ratings are expressed only to the one-half point.
  • Dynamic ratings are calculated regularly and based on an average of the current match plus the previous three dynamic ratings, whereas year-end ratings are based on a combination of one’s cumulative dynamic rating during the season and a comparison to an appropriate benchmark player.

Can my rating level change during the championship year?


  • If you receive the 3rd strike and are dynamically disqualified at your present level.
  • If a Self-Rate Eligibility Grievance is upheld, this may also result in raising your level.

If my rating changes with every match played, can I see it?

No. Ratings are only published at year end.

Does the dynamic calculation treat doubles partners differently?

Dynamic calculation maintains the rating differential between doubles partners that existed before a match. For example if a 3.3 and a 3.5 player are paired together, specific match results are applied to each player equally and the two partners will maintain the .2 differential.



To find your current NTRP Rating, Go to TennisLink

Please visit:  “Find Your Rating” Enter Your USTA Number in the window for Rating Information, click search and your current rating will appear.

NTRP Computer Ratings are automated and you will receive an immediate response whether GRANTED or DENIED.  If the appeal is granted you may play at that level.  If the appeal is denied then it will not change during the year. 



NTRP Appeal Instructions: To appeal your rating click on “Find Your Rating”.  You must enter your USTA Number to appeal your rating (do not simply type in your name).  Click “Appeal Rating” and follow form.

Only a player logged into their USTA Account may appeal their rating. Appealing will NOT reveal your rating in 100th of a point.

Once you select UP or DOWN and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the appeal page your request is final.  You cannot go back. 


Please note that no championship benchmark rating may be appealed the first year
received except for medical reasons.