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'Simply Smashing' Team Looks to Win Championship

May 4, 2015 10:11 AM

The Questions with USTA player Judy Mattoon of Hilton Head Island

How long has this team been playing together?

Our current team has only been together two years but we have been together on various teams at various age levels for about 12 years. 

What makes this team so special?

We are a very cohesive group and can interchange partners in many different combinations. We have a lot of fun together with no "drama.”

Judy Mattoon's team is playing in the 55 and Over State League Championship on Hilton Head Island. (USTA SC photo)

What’s your favorite part about this team?

Without a doubt our favorite part is the food, drink, and camaraderie that we enjoy after the matches.

What’s your team name and what are y’all looking forward to this weekend?

Our team name is "Simply Smashing" and we are looking forward to seeing old friends who we have played in the past from around the state.

If ______________, our team will have had a successful weekend.

If we "simply smash" the competition, our team will have had a successful weekend.