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Tennis a Family Activity for Cox Family

September 5, 2014 02:59 PM

Michael Cox and his wife sometimes play doubles tennis with only two people.

He stands on one side of the net; his wife on the other. And they rally back and forth, cross-court, to imitate what they want to do during their doubles matches: Keep the ball away from the person directly in front of them at the net.

“Ghost-man doubles,” Cox calls the drill.

It must be working. Cox and his wife, Trina, will be one of 1,500 South Carolina tennis players who will compete at the USTA South Carolina Adult Mixed Doubles State League Championships, scheduled for Sept. 12-15. The couple, who live in Florence, also will have home-court advantage next weekend. The championships will take place at four Florence sites, with the Dr. Eddie Floyd Florence Tennis Center being the official host site.

“That was a blessing,” Cox said of the championships being in Florence.

His mother introduced him to tennis about 20 years ago. Now, his mother, 70, plays tennis with Cox and his wife at least once a week.

Michael Cox has kept playing tennis because he likes that you need only two people to play tennis, unlike baseball or basketball where you need many more people.

Cox, 47, also appreciates that he can play tennis his entire life.

“It’s a good social game,” he said.

His team, which will be playing in the 7.0 level of the 40 and Over division this weekend, first had a goal of winning their local league, the Florence Tennis Association. Now they’re preparing to achieve more of their goals.

“Second goal was to win the state championship and we’d like to go on from there,” he said.

Next weekend’s USTA South Carolina state league champions can continue playing at the USTA Southern Mixed Doubles Sectional Championships, scheduled for Oct. 10-12 in Mobile, Alabama.