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'The team that wins tiebreaks'

November 6, 2015 07:31 AM


Charleston captain Elisabeth Pickelsimer and Shane's Raiders

Question Answer
Age and NTRP division of your team 65 & Over, 3.5
Team name Shane's Raiders @ CTC
Number of players on your team 10
Which USTA Community Tennis Association does your team represent? I.e. Columbia Tennis League, Upper Piedmont Tennis Association, etc. Lowcountry Tennis Association
Where do you all play your home USTA League matches? Charleston Tennis Center
How long has your team been together and playing USTA League tennis? Three players joined the team this year. Seven players returned from our 2014 team. Five of the seven 2014 players were members of our 2013 team.
What's your favorite thing about USTA League tennis? Player/team development: We start each year trying to develop players and to determine the most complementary partnerships. To achieve this goal, we do a lot of drills and tennis scenarios with a variety of partner options. It's rewarding when the players develop strong partnerships.  
What are you most looking forward to about the championships? Our team travelling, eating, staying, and having a fun time together.
The one thing that makes your team unique? Team camaraderie and believing that we can win probably contributes to our uniqueness. Additionally, over the years, our team has been referred to as "the team that wins tiebreaks." Referring to post season play, I  tell our players that, "A team that can win tiebreaks, will win."


Pickelsimer, middle in the white, and her team will go for more success this weekend. (USTA SC photo)