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Combo Doubles State Championships

The Combo Doubles League State Championships crowned the first champions on Saturday with UPTA teams dominating the Super Senior Divisions.  Great weather held at all sites, with cool temperatures and a slight breeze keeping the players cool while they played red hot tennis on the courts.  
Sunday was a busy day on Daniel Island, as there were over a dozen champions crowned.  Most of the titles were determined in the women's divisions, with a few guys finishing up as well.The titles were spread around the state with nearly every league producing at least one champion.  
Monday's play wrapped up the championships with the guys girding up to play for the prize.  The fanstastic weather continued and once again the titles were spread around as teams from all parts of the state claimed their championship.
To see a complete listing, and pictures, of our winners and finalists, click here.
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Combo Doubles State Champions
5.0 Adult Women: SATL
5.5 Adult Women: LCTA
5.5 Adult Men: UPTA
6.5 Adult Women: LCTA2
6.5 Adult Men: SATL
6.5 Senior Women: FTA
6.5 Senior Men: GATA
6.5 Super Senior Women: UPTA
6.5 Super Senior Men: UPTA
7.5 Adult Women: LCTA1
7.5 Adult Men: LCTA1
7.5 Senior Women: LATA2
7.5 Senior Men: UPTA
7.5 Super Senior Women: HH1
7.5 Super Senior Men: UPTA
8.5 Adult Women: GSTL
8.5 Adult Men: UPTA
8.5 Senior Women: LATA
8.5 Senior Men: LCTA
8.5 Super Senior Women: LCTA1
9.5 Adult Women: HHI
9.5 Adult Men: LATA