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Endorsement Lists for Southern Closed Championships Now Available

The endorsement lists for South Carolina players into the Southern Closed Championships have been completed and southerncloselogocan be found here. You can also find the Goin’ To Southerns Guide for SC Players here. Below lists the sites for each of the Southern Closed Championships and includes links to the tournament homepage where players can sign up for the tournament. The Registration Deadline is Friday, June 11, 2010 AT 11:59 PM for ALL Southern Closed Championships, so be sure to sign up before registration ends!

2010 Southern Closed Championship 

Boys and Girls 10 and Under Southern Junior Closed - Tournament ID # - 704102510

Lexington County Tennis Complex-SC Org Phone: (803) 957-7676

Director: Jorge Andrew Director E-mail:

SOUTH CAROLINA 10’S COACH: Gary Agardy phone: 864/344-1965 e-mail:

Boys and Girls 12 and Under Southern Junior Closed - Tournament ID # - 703929010

Cary Tennis Park-Cary, NC Org Phone: (919) 462-2061

Director: Sean Ferreira Director E-mail:

SOUTH CAROLINA 12’S COACH: Carl Hocker phone: 864/680-7654 e-mail:

Boys and Girls 14 and Under Southern Junior Closed - Tournament ID #- 703410810
Macon Tennis Center-Macon, GA Org Phone: (478) 477-1957

Director: Carol Reilly Director E-mail:

SOUTH CAROLINA 14’S COACH: Carlos Lozano phone: 803/315-9933 e-mail:

Boys and Girls 16 and Under Southern Junior Closed - Tournament ID #- 703472010
Rome Floyd Tennis Center-Rome, GA Org Phone 770-631-0930

Director: Sandy Cobb Bowie Director E-mail:

SOUTH CAROLINA 16’S COACH: Brian Parkkonen phone: (803) 464-9958 e-mail:

Boys and Girls 18 and Under Southern Junior Closed - Tournament ID #- 703302110

Burns Park-Little Rock, AR Org Phone: (501) 227-7611

Director: Cindy Curtis Director E-mail:

SOUTH CAROLINA 18’S COACH: Mark Smith phone: 864/344-3676 e-mail:

If you have any endorsement questions, please contact South Carolina Endorser Terry Ferrell at 803.422.2328.